Jarred Boyd PT, DPT, MSAT, SCS, CSCS

When we consider the time-loss and degree of re-injury associated with athletic training and competition it is undeniable movement rehabilitation professionals should attempt to improve prescription, periodization and clinical integration of physical preparation variables. Performance output imposes some of the highest physiological and biological demands on the human system and as a result the approach to the reintroduction these demands should include a graded exposure process of all associated variables. Court, field and track athletes all require athletic resilience and robustness. As a result, rehab should reflect the demands the body will be exposed to, ensuring we have built the necessary qualities and buffers to handle said stressors. A systematic approach to providing athletes the needed qualities from biomotor to technical in order to be successful in the field of play and reduce the potential susceptibility of modifiable injury instigators. Clinical integration of physical preparation should be viewed as a science and an art that will ensure athletes are not only physically but also psychologically prepared and ready to return to true performance. This webinar is ultimately designed to provide a foundational framework for sprinting, encouraging a more pragmatic in-clinic approach.